Child Therapy

Therapy for children and teenagers aims to improve self-understanding and self-acceptance, communication, and individual and family unit togetherness. Sessions are one-on-one with the child or teenager and sometimes may involve other members of the family.

Through therapy, children and their parents may discover breakthroughs that resolve most issues. Here are signs that child/teen counseling may help:

  • Does your child or teen’s behavior danger himself/herself or others?
  • Does your child or teen seem sad, angry, or anxious frequently?
  • Does your child or teen’s behavior interfere with regular family functioning and activities?
  • Is your relationship or marriage strained by your child or teen’s behavior?
  • Do you feel “out of answers” and are unsure what to do?
  • Are you concerned your child or teen exhibits signs of hyperactivity, learning disability, or autism?

A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.
- Groucho Marx -

Child Therapy
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